Social Studies Resources

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American Revolution:

PBS Liberty! Road to Revolution Game

Ancient Africa / Mali:

Lonely Planet's Introduction to Mali - Image Gallery

Smithsonian - Discovering Mudcloth


Kids InfoBits

The Library of Congress: America's Story - Meet Amazing Americans


Ben's Guide to U.S. Government: K-2

Enchanted Learning - Symbols of the USA


Colonial America:

Colonial Williamsburg: Life during the 18th Century

Colonial Williamsburg: Kids Zone

Mr. Nussbaum: 13 Colonies

Original Colony Founders

Scholastic: The First Thanksgiving

Social Studies for Kids: The Thirteen Colonies


Ancient Egyptian Game of Senet

Discovering Egypt: Pyramids of Giza

Egypt: Land of Pyramids

Egyptian Tomb Adventure (slow to load)

Google Maps: Pyramids of Giza


Enchanted Learning - Explorers

Mariner's Museum: Age of Exploration

Mr. Nussbaum Explorers


KidsGeo: Latitude and Longitude Game

Quia: Geography Jeopardy (6th Grade SOL)

Quia: Geographic Regions of North America - Rags to Riches 

Quia: Maps and More Maps - Rags to Riches Longitude and Latitude

Global Awareness:

Crickweb: A Village in India

FCPS Spring Hill ES GATP Resources

Global Awareness Project Resources (GALE)


History Globe - Jamestown Online Adventure

Virtual Jamestown


Dig Into History: Mesopotamia

Mr. Donn - Ancient Mesopotamia

Quia: Ancient Mesopotamia Rags to Riches


National Geographic Kis - Mexico

Mr. Nussbaum - Mexico

Native Americans:

National Museum of the American Indian

NativeTech: Native American Technology & Art - Interactive games and activities

Native American Map & Tribes

Pueblo Indian History for Kids

Tracking the Bufffalo-Plains

SOL Review:

Jefferson Lab

SOLPass - Currently we do not have a password

Quia: 4th Grade Virginia Studies Practice SOL Test

VDOE - SOL Practice Items


Mr. Spencer's VA Studies Links

Mrs. Hammersley VA History Review

Quia "Rags to Riches" game - 20th Century Virginia - Rural to Urban Virginia

Virginia Historical Society: The Story of Virginia, An American Experience

Virginia-The Old Dominion State