Listing of all the admin staff at Belle View

Belle View Elementary School opened in 1952. Since that time, there have been many additions to the facility to accommodate student growth and boundary changes.

The diversity of the student population provides an opportunity for teachers and parents to accommodate all learning styles, cultural differences, and abilities. To accomplish this, the educational focus continues to be on providing a strong academic program in the core subject areas.

Through the use of computers in the classrooms and the library, the students obtain valuable information that supports their instructional goals. All students have the opportunity to benefit from an outstanding instructional program that promotes high standards and advanced levels of academic challenges.

By recognizing that all students can learn and experience success through excellent instruction, staff members and parents ensure that students are provided with a strong foundation in the core subjects which is enhanced by the implementation of relevant practices and technology.



Administration Janie Daehnke 703-660-8300
Registration / Attendance Betsy Ramos 703-660-8302
Substitutes / Building Use Donna Powell 703-660-8303
Local Screening/Library Mary Hellwege 703-660-8306
Health Room Dionne Jacob 703-660-8310