Supply List for Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade Supply List

1 Earbuds with case

4 Spiral Notebook Wide Ruled, 70ct, Assorted

1 2" Binder, 3-ring, heavy duty, White

1 1.5” Binder, 3 ring, heavy duty, White

2 dividers, 3-ring, insertable, 8 tab, multi-colored

1 package of two pocket prong folders, 3 pack of blue, red and green

1 two pocket prong folder, purple

2 packs of Loose Leaf Paper Wide Ruled 100ct 

2 highlighters, chisel tip Yellow      

1 Crayola Pre-Sharpened Colored Pencils 12ct 

2 Dixon Oriole #2 Pre-Sharpened Pencils 12ct  

2 large Pink Eraser Latex-free           

2 BIC Ballpoint Pen Black 

2 packs of Post-It Filing Tabs 2" x 1.5" Blue, Green, Yellow, Red 24ct 

1 Kids Scissors 5" Pointed Tip       

8 Elmer's School Large Glue Stick .77oz, washable, purple dries clear

1 Expo Dry Erase Markers Chisel Tip Low Odor Asst 4ct       

1 Expo Dry Erase Markers Chisel Tip Low Odor Black           

1 Zipper Nylon Pencil Pouch 3-Hole Metal Grommet 7" x 10" Asst 

2 large Kleenex Tissues 2-ply 

2 bleach free large Disinfecting Wipes

2 cans of Lysol Spray